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My Name's Arvee100smart

Welcome to my profile Stalker !

I am um.. kinda maybe 3rd person who come in this wiki and surely 2nd one who made a character here. Enjoy your visit in this wikia and add some character too as well.

Fell free to ask me or I can help you but just remember I suck at codes but I can do some and some copy paste ones, but I'm SUPER SUPER intelligent about Pokemons.. just don't ask me about episodes, I suck at that also.

Thanks for reading and I hope don't mind if you see some wrong grammars. Leave me a message if you like.

To-Do List

Become Administrator or Chat Moderator (Well I just wish..) (Waiting)

Make Pearl page (... later...)

Finished Pearl for some reason (CAN YOU WAIT WILL YOU !?)

Finish Pokemon Adventures Special: Jirachi Returns (Long way to go)

Start Day 1 of Special: Jirachi Returns (ongoing)

Continue Day 3 (wait..)

Continue Day 5 (semi-long way to go)

Continue the Semi-ending, Day 7 (major-long way to go) 


Completed/Approved To-do List

Make Henry page (Completed)

Finished Henry for some reason (Completed)

Make Andrew page (Completed)

Finished Andrew for some reason (Completed)

Make Team Altos a page (gave up :P)

Make Aldreac page (completed)

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