Team Altos Insignia

Team Altos's insignia

Team Altos is the organization founded by Aldreac, their main goal is to obtain Rayquaza and use it to acheive their goals. Their goals involve bringing unity under one rule, even if it takes violence or other dark methods.


Aldreac and his three admins found team Altos in order to quell all fighting between pokemon and humans in the world, however agreed that violence must be used to bring this to attention.Most members have in one way or another suffered at the hands of war, strife, or corruption, and follow Aldreac to cleanse these imperfections of the world. Rayquaza, being one of the most powerful pokemon in the world, as well as being able to quell the fighting between Kyogre and Groudon, two completely opposite pokemon, was chosen as the pokemon that will be the guiding light of their goals. In the past they have used several experiments, including one involving an special Eevee but gave up on it, Aldreac plans to use his own power to convince Rayquaza to join, however other means will be used as his scientists have created something very valuable if all else fails. For the most part they have worked in the shadows and have agents in every city in Hoenn to help keep track of all events. Their main bases include a HQ somewhere high in a mountain, and a heavily guarded airship loaded with cannons, electric, flying, ice , and even dragon pokemon.

Team StrengthEdit

All members treat their pokemon as partners instead of tools, seeing as they all have the same goal in mind, they work together to help their leader bring an end to all conflict, They will do whatever it takes to reach their goals, even the violence they seek to dispel, most of them can be considered overzealous. Most members carry evolved pokemon, such as Mighthyena, Crobat, or a variety of pokemon from dragon to normal to water. Aldreac himself has formed a team of many strong pokemon and his Admins have done the same. Also, each admin has a pair of elite guard around themselves, that use pokemon akin to the admin they were assigned to.

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