Tabitha is the one of the admins of Team Magma and one of the Team Magma ambassadors to Team Altos.

(Magma Admin Tabitha)
Magma Admin Tabitha
Name: Tabitha
Japanese Name: Magma Admin Tabitha
Age: 31
Gender: male
Hometown: unkown
Region: Hoenn
Family: unknown
Class: Trainer, Magma Admin
Friends: Maxie, Aldreac, Team Magma Members, Courtney


Tabitha is almost always seen with Maxie, but since Maxie is a busy man and cannot meet with his friend Aldreac on important matters so he sends Tabitha or Courtney, since they are the only ones he can trust with the secret allaince until the time to unveil it comes. For the most part Tabitha runs most of the operations Maxie cannot while Courtney maintains the spy network and good relations with Team Altos. Most recently, Tabitha is to accompany Maxie to Mossdeep island.


Being the lead admin of Team Magma, Tabitha has a variety of strong pokemon at his disposal. He usually rushes his opponents and overpowers them with his pokemons strength before they can retaliate.

Pokémon Information
Camerupt is known to be able to use:Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Curse, Eruption, and Solarbeam
Pokémon Information
Mightyena is known to be able to use:Crunch, Swagger, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunder Fang, and Fire Fang.
Pokémon Information
Golbat is known to be able to use:Confuse Ray, Bite, Shadow Ball, Poison Fang, Sludge Bomb, Aerial Ace, and Double Team.
Pokémon Information
Torkoal is known to be able to use:Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Iron Defense, Overheat, Stone Edge, Gyro Ball, and Hyper Beam
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