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Ranger Asura.jpg
Name: Asura
Japanese Name: アスラ
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Region: Hoenn
Class: Pokemon Ranger
Friends: Alice(partner)

 Asura is a elite Pokemon Ranger who has been working as one since he was little following in his father foot steps he became his father rank and took over as Head Ranger of his station and making sure the station is operating fully and he also has help with his partner Alice second in command who helps him with all his jobs and is shown to have a great deal of care for his partner Alice.


Asura is ranger which means he captures pokemon but does not keep them but uses them for a short period of time but he does have one pokemon who is his sidekick in battle.

Pokémon Information
Infernape is Asura sidekick pokemon and is his only pokemon he has captured he uses Infernape in battle when he has no more pokemon available to him no more. Infernape is a Fire/Fighting type Pokemon who is able to learn multiple moves