This chronicle follows Piper Black and her adventures as a gym leader and also her challenges whilst being the head student at the Alto Mare trainer school. This chronicle doesn't feature many, in fact a very little few, legendary Pokemon, as in the series it is shown that only a very selective few have managed to tame and befriend legendary Pokemon, let alone capture them. The odd legendary may be involved when she is facing challenges involving against trainers of a much higher standard.

Beginning ArcEdit

The First ChallengerEdit

Alto Mare Gym Battlefield 1

The challenger had stood parallel to me, the sea and multiple platforms separating us, where land-based Pokemon could stand, instead of having to swim allowing them to save some energy, but it still gave my Pokemon the advantage.

I stood my shoulder-length purple hair, save for a wide streak of white hair that ran across the left side of my face reaching down my face. I had yellow eyes and thin eyebrows styled into the shape of arrows.

I wore a dark green full-body suit, which was sleeveless and water-proof and comfortable to swim in. Under the top of this suit I had a white collared shirt, through which I tied a red ribbon. Around my waist sat a brown utility belt. My hands were covered with long gloves that ended just before my elbow and my feet were covered by large brown boots.

Trainer's Glaceon

The Trainer's Glaceon.

He had then thrown a regular Poke Ball which unleashed a Glaceon. The Glaceon landed on her feet onto the platform, prepared for battle. My partner for battle would be perfect for a type match-up against the Glaceon.

Piper Corsola

Calypso, the Corsola.

I threw my Love Ball and it opened to unleash my Corsola, Calypso, into the water within the boardwalk perimeter. Calypso was very happy to see the type match-up and also to see that she would be fighting against the challenger. She was one of my strongest Pokemon and also one of my most beautiful. She had been one of my partner Pokemon, and never left my travelling party.

"Glaceon, use Ice Beam!" he called as his Glaceon unleashed a ray of ice towards Calypso, trying to land a hit. Calypso quickly dodged it by diving into the water and swimming round the platform, then jumping above the water behind the Glaceon.

"Calypso, Power Gem." I smirked as a sphere of energy formed in front of her mouth, then unleashing a long light pink beam at the Glaceon, striking it and causing it to fly off the platform onto another platform, causing to slam down on it's back.

Although it just sustained a horrendous amount of damage it stood, preparing to unleash another attack. It stood proudly now and unleashed a large Shadow Ball into the water, causing it to be hazy, making Calypso come back to the surface and go onto a platform.

It then stood on it's hind legs and became swarmed in a golden light. The water, although black, had shone the same gold, and due to using the move Earth Power, large eruptions came out of the water and destroyed the platform Glaceon was on, causing massive damage and for it to faint.

Piper Black

Pure Water's Leader.

"The first round goes to the Gym Leader, Piper and her Corsola, Calypso." the referee announced.

"But the second one won't." the challenger smirked. "Go, Poliwrath!" he called as he tossed a Great Ball, unleashing his Poliwrath.

"Oh. Trying a new match-up? Still won't work." I smiled. Calypso dived back into the water, it now being completely clear.

The Poliwrath dived in after it and I had known this would be a battle of wit. I had majored in this in class, type match-ups usually set out the terms for a battle, but I had always defied this with utter strength and strategy.

They had been in the underwater environment, which meant there were obstacles that Calypso could use to block her path and also knock the Poliwrath into, which would work out quite nicely.

Calypso had swam much further ahead of Poliwrath also swimming round obstacles, over walls and through smaller arches. Calypso had eventually hidden herself behind an arch and tackled the Poliwrath into a piece of coral, and as it tried to refocus she had already swam away.

The Poliwrath had then gone around using Drain Punch on all of the rocks, sending them flying, but no luck finding Calypso. That is when suddenly from the surface it saw a glow. This golden glow then radiated all through the ground below the water and caused a large eruption to cause the Poliwrath to fly put of the water into the sky.

Calypso, then unleashing boiling hot water from it's mouth surrounded in steam, using Scald, which spun the Poliwrath round and round in the air, then causing a burn and ultimately it to faint.

"I told you; type match-ups are useless against me. I am the only one who benefits in battles against me when using a type match-up." I sighed, as I returned Calypso. He returned his Poliwrath and we finished our Gym Battle. I had been victorious against the challenger and he left empty-handed. It was time to return to class.

Top Student's ArrivalEdit

The Floating Academy

I had used my Milotic, Mimi to surf back onto an island located just off of Alto Mare. It was known as Mare Pura, the Academy for all Trainer's, which was a school that many of the Elite Four in different region's had gone to because they wanted to train. As the Top Student I sometimes got to meet them, and occasionally fight them.

I often enjoyed fighting trainers and utilizing my abilities in competitions and tutoring to aide them and teach them new fighting styles whilst beating them in the process. I was the top trainer in the entire school, yet to be defeated by another trainer due to my methods of training.

I had reached the giant marble doorway which lead to the main trail up to the school. This was previously Alto Mare when they had first made it, but they eventually decided that they wanted to make an entire new city, abandoning the very large, building-filled island, many of them becoming hideouts, battle arena's and also homing many of the Pokemon stored at the school, although there were many different buildings still unexplored.

I had only walked through the door and that very instant hell had broken loose. All of the students had appeared to be fighting grunts of some odd team I hadn't heard of before, and our side was losing.

All of these grunts had bonds with their Pokemon, and they seemed to be quite strong in using them, having them all fully evolved.

"Piper!" a girl called as she was losing a fight with her Furret.

"Jenna, don't worry. I can handle this." I smiled. "Everyone, remember what you have learned! Hold your own and lets win this battle!"

"Rally the Pokemon!" the students cheered as their energy then began to overpower the enemies.

Piper Luvdisc

Lulu arrives!

"Alright... It is time for Lulu to take center stage!" I smirked then tossing another Love Ball which unleashed a Luvdisc. "Use the Scolding Speed Combination!" I giggled as she then used Agility to speed up faster than the opponents, making sure they all stayed in the middle of the room.

"Poliwhirl, Scald!" Jenna called, her Poliwhirl coming from it's Pokeball to do so.

"Tirtouga, Scald!" another student named Joseph called, another stream of boiling water causing the enemies to all gather in a single area..

"Now Lulu, Scald repeatedly!" I laughed as she came down on the opponents unleashing boiling hot water upon them, causing them all to suffer from burns. As all of the Pokemon sat their helplessly with their burns I continued moving on from the foyer into the main street, the students that were there then finishing them off.

I quickly pulled the bag from my back and pulled out a tablet and stylus which was open to a teal-colored 3-D blueprint. I could control what was happening in this area by sealing off entrances and exits and also blocking pathways to the main access points to our information.

There was nothing here for them other than our information, so why else should they be infiltrating our school and causing trouble.

I pulled a microphone from the tablet and broadcasted a message to the entire school, my voice chiming out of their devices.

"All students, hold your own against the opponents. I have the Arco Tavoletta so I am sealing all of the entrances and exits to the school with it. Hold your own in your divisions until I can guard the Training Center and turn off the hub of information. I will also be rallying a team, so remember where all the best spots to strike a Pokemon are!" I smiled as they all received the message.

They all cheered as I then swung the stylus round the tablet, multiple gates forming through walls and also being so intricate as to being impossible for Pokemon to pass through.

"I leave for one challenge in Alto Mare and the school is plummeting to hell. Once, just once, could this not happen!" I sighed as I then continued running along to the house on the right.

The Rally and RevoltEdit

I had run into the house not taking any precautions, then taking multiple Poke Balls from the stand, including a Marowak, Poliwrath, Hitmontop, Rhyperior and two of my own pokemon, being Aifie (pronounced Ai-fee) my Espeon and Indigo my Cloyster. With a range of Pokemon I would be able to take down Team Altos without having to strain myself and my Water-types to a point of no return. I then ran out of the house swinging the stylus on the tablet locking up all doors on the rooms with these water-based gates.

Multiple grunts then swarmed in front of me, unleashing Crobat, Mightyena and Magneton.

"Ugh... Another fight! It has just been consecutive... Today is definetly not my day." I joked, then throwing Aifie's Love Ball and also Hitmontop and Rhyperior's.

"Why say that so non-nonchalantly!" they all complained.

"Now then... Time to end this." I smiled, then holding up the tablet. Aifie, use Psychic on the Crobat to cause it severe damage. When you focus on it stare into it's eyes. Hitmontop, use Triple Kick on the Magneton's top head and Rhyperior, use Hammer Arm on the Mightyena's back."

As Aifie used the move on the Crobat it felt intense damage and she had then thrown it into a wall, then the ground as if it were a toy. She then jumped on it and used Trump Card to finish it off. Hitmontop used it's speed to spiral at the Magneton and kicked it three times in the top head, causing it to fall onto the ground and let it use Low Kick to pile it onto the Crobat. Finally the Rhyperior used Hammer Arm on the Mightyena and knocked it downwards into the ground and caused it to skid right into the Magneton.

"Woah..." the grunts said stunned.

"Thank you very much." I smiled, then returning the Rhyperior and Hitmontop, then walking with Aifie.

I had rallied a team that beat all odds because they all covered a different type that the opponent might have. The only trouble I would see happening is if I were to run into Pokemon with no super effect, causing me to actually waste time fighting. I thought that if this were to happen it would be best I had a partner to travel with and I had just the person who had been fixing my PokeLyze, so it sunk in with the Training Center. Jacob.

I had rushed down two streets which were bare to find his house, where he remained inside in his office. With help of my Espeon I flew up to his bedroom window and climbed in, definitely not to his surprise.

"Well, I knew you had come back." he smiled.

"Yeah, well I had to. This is my turf after all." I smiled back.

"I fixed your PokeLyze, now you don't have to carry round that tablet everywhere. It also might sync with the gating system and also boost the amount of analyzation you get on each Pokemon." he happily said, reaching down to a small white version of my tablet which was adorned with a blue pattern.

"Thank you, Jacob. Now I was also wondering if you could bring your Pokemon and travel around with me and guarantee we won't run into problems." I asked.

"Of course!" he replied then reaching down to a belt containing four Poke Balls. We then rushed out the window and again with the help of Aifie landed on our feet below.

"Now, we have to head to the Training Center, which is near Dock 5, the dock straight north from here." I explained then utilizing my PokeLyze with a smaller stylus. I had scanned over the paths to see a group of grunts hiding on rooftops ahead as an ambush. Their administrator was probably in the training center; it was time for things to get real.

Analyze and DeployEdit

Now that I had rallied a force it was time to revolt against these guards. By utilizing the new program in the PokeLyze I had made holograms of scary Pokemon to confuse them and hopefully scare them away so we could reach the Training Center with ease, but sadly they weren't so easily fooled and my holograms didn't last very long.

I should have taken another approach. They had then filled the streets with Magneton, Mightyena and Crobat and Golbat. It had been a mob of all of these Pokemon they had been using for selfish reasons; there was nothing else we could do.

"Jacob, you're a dragon tamer, right?" I asked.

"Yes!" he cheerfully replied.

"Use your dragons to hold up this entire street whilst I sneak through." I explained, then making a large hologram around myself, appearing to have a chameleon effect as is didn't display any difference to the area around me. I then watched Jacob's battle intently, as I rarely saw him fight.

"Ty, Aria, Sal and Shelly, come on out!" he smiled as he then tossed the four Poke Balls from his belt as they unleashed a Tyranitar, Altaria, Salamance and Shelgon. From behind him came his sister who had unleashed all of her bird-types on the area, whom I assumed he called to help. She had unleashed countless Swablu, Taillow and Wingull, but also a Pidgeot and Swellow to even out the strength.

They then all fought in a mass explosion of attacks, making me crave a battle, but sadly I wouldn't get one until I reached Dock 5 and the Training Center. I continued walking leaving Jacob and his sister behind.

I used my PokeLyze and I closed off every building entrance and exit and every alleyway there was, hearing fighting as I walked past. Sadly it sounded like team Altos was the more victorious side, but we weren't going to give up. We had our determination and intelligence, meaning that we knew all the best type match-ups and also spots that would inflict critical damage.

I had hope and faith in my team; two things I rarely had for anyone but myself.

Before I had known it I had reached the outside of the Training Center; it was time for the real battle to begin.

Training Center BattleEdit

"Hey you!" I called as I ran in, my chameleon hologram fading.

"You defeated all those minions?" the young man asked.

"Why yes, I did. With the help of my team and my school, I can do anything." I smiled.

"How unoriginal." he sighed.

"What's unoriginal is your appearance for a bad guy." I sighed.

"Says the woman with purple hair and white fringe." he replied.

"I wouldn't be talking, Altos Ego." I scoffed.

"Enough of this. I am not letting you interfere. Your main frame has analyzed the weak points of every trainer to ever be at this school; I have your weak points at my fingertips." he smiled, thinking he had triumph.

"I refuse to use that machine for reasons like this. I predicted something like this would happen one day, so all of my weak points are stored in my PokeLyze." I smirked, obviously gaining a high upper hand.

"I don't have time for talking. Lanturn, shut her up!" he called, unleashing a Lanturn from a Lure Ball. It then utilized Thunder to try and strike me, but I quickly called out the Rhyperior who was resistant to the attack and also blocked it for me. I then quickly returned him.

"Aifie, you attack." I smirked. "Psychic, to the light."

Aifie then used Psychic which swirled mainly around the light which hung from the Lanturn's head, being an extremely sensitive spot causing him severe damage, but he quickly replied with an Aqua Jet and Thunderbolt causing a high amount of damage to Aifie sending her flying backwards.

Aifie seemed tired from fighting the Crobat earlier so I had let her come back and returned her to her Pokeball, then beginning to think of who to use next. Then it hit me.

"Calypso, let your aria resound from the seas!" I smiled, ten unleashing my Corsola. Now I was at much less of a type disadvantage, and I also had the upper hand, now that I had my partner out.

"Oh... A Corsola..." he sighed then seeing what I was about to do.

"Earth Power." I smiled, then it unleashed a large golden aura, the ground below the Lanturn cracking and a large tower of golden energy then striking him, causing him to faint.

"Blast!" he sighed, then returning his Lanturn to unleash a Metang. Here was another disadvantage, otherwise known as a pain when dealing with in battle. I had to try and deal with him now, and quickly before he stole the codes.

"Calypso, Scalding Earth Combination." I smirked as the Metang then sat in my trap as Calypso jumped into the air and utilized Scald as a large sphere, causing a severe burn to the Metang, then afterward utilizing Earth Power to deal out extra damage but also a high amount of super effective damage.

The Metang then used Psychic, and due to already fighting today Calypso was weak. It didn't help that he had utilized my technique and slammed Calypso into the ground.

"Calypso!" I cried then returning her as I saw her take immense damage. "You'll pay for that!"

"No, I really won't." he smirked.

"Marowak!" I cried, then unleashing it onto the Metang. With a quick Bonemerang and Bone Club it had knocked out the Metang leaving his final Pokemon.

"Mightyena, rip 'em to shreds!" he smirked unleashing his black hell hound onto the scene. I then returned Marowak to use my Milotic for the final battle.

"Mimi, take spotlight!" I smiled. My Milotic had come out and started off strong by using a Rain Dance. The Rain Dance was only to be used as a distraction, and it worked perfectly; Mightyena lunged right at her. She then followed up with an Iron Tail sending it flying downwards onto the ground.

"Dark Pulse, Mightyena." the man smiled as it unleashed a torrent of darkness towards Mimi. Mimi then replied quickly with Dragon Pulse and caused it's body to be coated in a mint green light, then causing everything around it to be sent backwards, knocking the Mightyena back, and with the help of another Iron Tail she had finished off the Mightyena.

"Uh oh... Well, Colress has already downloaded the Training Codes, so there is no need to fret." he smiled, then running out of the room calling for a retreat.

"I didn't succeed..." I sighed then turning to face the door with my head hung low. I still left all the gates closed, so none could truly escape until I coulld find this Colress person.

I left the room, Mimi following me, nudging me and trying to console me. I had only made it a few steps until I saw a man holding a tablet with the Team Altos symbol on it in his hands, scanning through all the Training Codes.

"You..." I began.

The Double LossEdit

"Oh... I was hoping my guard would have been victorious and I could have taken your generator, but never mind that. I have the Training Codes of all of the Elite Four and also many other strong trainers whom I may have to face... Perfect." he smirked maliciously.

"You idiot!" I cried then preparing to kick him with my boots, but sadly he moved to quickly and I missed.

"Easy now; let us settle this with a quick one on one battle. If you are victorious, I will retreat and leave the codes. If I am victorious, I get the generator and that lovely PokeLyze you have." he had bet.

"Fine." I agreed. There was no way I would let this man beat me. It was time to make sure I got the codes.

"Go, Aggron." he smiled unleashing a very large Aggron looking very behemoth and beast-like.

"Mimi, finish this intruder." I stated blankly, the Milotic then spiraling forwards toward the Aggron. It then used Thunderbolt in an attempt to strike and gain the upper hand with an effect advantage, but it was quickly countered by a Dragon Pulse which then reversed the beam and caused it to strike the Aggron (both Dragon Pulse and Thunderbolt).

"Aggron, Dragon Claw." he smiled then the claws being coated in flame and energy slashing Mimi with them, her then using Aqua Ring to heal her wounds and prepare the next attack.

"Water Dragon Dance." I smirked, as she then unleashed a Hydro Pump, swimming within it utilizing it like Waterfall or Aqua Jet then striking the Aggron on the other side with both the Hydro Pump and the added impact of Aqua Tail. Once she was close enough she unleashed another Dragon Pulse and sent the Aggron flying back with Colress, sadly sending them both off with the Training Codes.

She looked sad.

"It's okay Mimi; it wasn't your fault. But, hey, now the intruders are gone." I smiled then opening all of the gates causing everyone to return to their houses and the intruders to leave with the added help of some of the strongest Pokemon we have.

I returned to my house, and that night I couldn't sleep without thinking Colress meant nothing but harm by stealing those codes. I couldn't think about this any longer, so I closed my eyes and drifted into slumber.

Mossdeep Chronicles ArcEdit

The PlotEdit

The next morning I had met with the Heads of School, to hold a meeting of what just happened. Along with me came Jacob and some of the heads of tutoring clubs and also some of the stronger fighters and competitors in our school.

"Welcome to the meeting. Today we shall be discussing the codes that were stolen." The director of school said. "We are aware that a team of the name Team Altos had come here for our data, and also to take our machine generator. Ms. Black, please continue the rest as you were there when it happened."

"Thank you, Mr. Director." I smiled. "Alright, now we all know that our strength is immense and unmatched, but yesterday we were attacked by a measly team who's main goal was to raise Hell in our school to get data. I had use the Arco Tavoletta to guarantee they couldn't escape. Although this was rash we still won against them. I myself had a difficult time fighting one of the Elite Guards, as they are called."

"And we all know how rare it is for you to have a run for your money." Jacob complimented.

"Sadly, this means our opponent isn't as weak as Team Rocket, meaning we will have to take multiple students out of classes to track them down and get our codes back. We all know that many Gym Leaders and the Elite Four train here, so if they have those codes they could steal positions as Champion and destroy the leagues from the inside."

"And that would mean there would be no system for our battling anymore. It appears that their goal may to be such and try and prevent battling by starting with violence." the head of Training explained,

"Which I find particularly odd. From what I have analyzed they seek something that can quell the fighting of Pokemon, particularly another Pokemon, but I am unsure of which. This means if we can stop them and track down their headquarters we can get our codes back and prevent disaster. That is why we are rallying our strongest members; we need to infiltrate and destroy Team Altos." I explained. "You will all be separated into teams and sent into different regions. The strongest team will come with me to Hoenn." I smiled, then readying the teams.

"Great! So it is settled." the director smirked.

"Jenna, Allison (Jacob's sister) and Lila, you will be going to the Orange Islands." I explained, getting the girls into a group.

They all nodded and used our Flying-type Pokemon to leave.

"Ace, Pat and Wendy, you will be going to Unova. Our airplane shall take you there. Be ready and go there in the next hour." I continued.

They all left the room in a hurry, trying to think of what to bring and which Pokemon to use. I then continued assembling the teams until there were only three people left in the room, including myself. This was the final team.

"Now, the final team shall consist of us three; Ian, Jacob and Piper." I explained. "We shall go now with the Pokemon we have on hand, and may grab some on the way. My team is set and when we get there we can always get Pokemon from the school.

"Alright. I shall meet you guys at the Seaplane in fifteen minutes." I explained, then going back to my home and gathering some items into my small bag, holding my PokeLyze in my hand. It was time to start our journey in Hoenn.

The SeaplaneEdit

We had all met up at Dock 7 after all managing to prepare in fifteen minutes, but we had to wait for Ian for another five as he was only informed this morning of our leaving. We had all prepared for today and we were all ready to board the Seaplane and head out into Hoenn.

"So Ian, you ready?" I smiled. Ian had been my best friend for a while and had scared many of the students due to his power and his attitude that he could have, but he was truly nice on the inside; mostly to me.

"As ready as I can be. I am just happy that I will be able to beat these punks up. They tried to explore the unexplored Dock 6, which is forbidden. They do something against my school, they are doomed." he replied smirking.

"So, who did you guys decide to bring?" I asked.

"Well, I found it necessary to bring Sal, Ty, Aria and Shelly along; they would be great help. Then I also brought Hydra and Haxo." he smiled, showing me the Poke Balls containing his Salamance, Tyranitar, Altaria, Shelgon, Hydreigon and Haxorus.

"I brought Sparky, Flamers, Gyn and Flo." Ian smiled, gesturing to his Poke Balls which contained a Raichu, Charizard, Gyarados and Wartortle.

"Well then that means we are all set then to go." I replied, then pressing the auto-pilot button on my PokeLyze which had synced with the Seaplane, causing it to fly without a pilot.

I had been the one who developed all of this technology with the help of some other students, especially Jacob. He had been an amazing developer of technology and with our combined knowledge we had programmed nearly every device in school to be able to use by PokeLyze and certain codes and passes, and I had all codes and passes due to being the top student and most well respected person in the school.

Calypso had come out of her ball and sat on my lap as we continued to drift peacefully through the air. It had been about thirty minutes into the flight and we had been enjoying conversation, Ian drifting into a light nap to try and keep rested.

Suddenly, something went horribly wrong.

Straight ahead of us glided a very large airship, which I knew was Team Altos. I assumed it to be their base or at least, one of them. Before I had known anything else they fired at us and we began to crash into the seas.

I had known what to do next. "Send out your flying types." I demanded, and out the cargo door was Aria, Sal and Flamers. I had jumped upon the Altaria's back, Ian riding his Charizard and Jacob riding the Salamance. We then dove towards the ground around the plane which had then landed into the deep ocean, reaching the coast of Mossdeep City quite quickly. Many of the townspeople gathered round us, looking at us like we were aliens.

"Well... what a warm welcome..." I joked.

In Mossdeep Trouble!Edit

We had hopped off of the Pokemon and they were returned to their respective Poke Balls, us then standing and facing many townspeople directly on the coast. They quickly dispersed as some didn't recognize us, but eventually some of them realized I was the Alto Mare Gym Leader.

We had quickly then fled the area so we could try and meet up with Tate and Liza who promised that they would help us try and locate the Team Altos base in Hoenn, but it seems we already found their airship base.

I then thought, what if they had more then one base? Wouldn't this mean they would have more than just their Admin Colress? This is where I began to worry. If they had more than one person on that level we would be forced to have to bring out staff members here, but then again I was stronger and more well trained than some of them and this was our battle to fight in Hoenn.

As we walked down the street I continued to contemplate and it had been obvious as Ian and Jacob both noticed but left me alone and continued walking. Calypso came out of it's ball and hopped atop my head and walked with me for a bit.

"Hey Calypso..." I sighed, looking very distraught. I had a disadvantage; I didn't like that.

She nudged me and I knew that she meant that I shouldn't be so sad. I became happy and pulled her into my arms then walking with her now enjoying the scenery and also all of the different kinds of Pokemon that were in the island. We were walking down a street right next to the beach, so I could see many different Water-types. I had spotted Wailord and Wailmer and also many Luvdisc, Spheal and Sealeo, being a mismatch as they all lived in different kinds of water. I thought that this was quite cool, as I could go out there and catch many amazing different Pokemon that I hadn't seen before. This excited me; I wanted to go out there right now and catch them all.

I then turned to see my partners to be much further ahead than I was and quickly ran after them.

The streets of Mossdeep were very modern and had featured many trainers and people walking with Pokemon. From what I had noticed they all appeared to have a preference of Psychic-type Pokemon, much like the Gym Leaders here. This was much like the situation in Alto Mare where mostly Water-types were favored.

Calypso and I had continued wandering down the streets behind Ian and Jacob. Many people glanced at us in passing and I smiled, but I still noticed something was amiss. There were no sounds of water in the sewers and it was bone dry outside. Had a source of water been cut off? No... They were right next to the ocean so they should have plenty of rain.

"D'you notice the heat?" I asked the two.

"I thought I was the only one who noticed." Jacob replied.

"You're right! It is quite dry for land mass located directly on ocean." Ian also noticed.

"Which means something is wrong with this island. Let me pull up some myths on my PokeLyze and I will see if I can find anything." I explained as Ian and Jacob both also took out theirs.

"From what I see there is a lake somewhere on this island known as the Holy Luna Lake. The master of the lake is a Gorebyss who uses her Psychic abilities to control rain patterns on the island. She is mainly resorted to when there is torrential down pour or there is drought, but is only known to be able to be found by Tate and Liza." I began.

"If there is a problem at this lake she would be forced to fight and put her powers on hold for the rain, meaning she would have to stop rain from occurring whatsoever." Jacob continued.

"Therefore, something is disrupting the lake. Or rather, someone." Ian finished.

"Do you think it is Team Altos?" Jacob asked.

"No, it couldn't be them. They don't need to dry up a lake for any reason. All they would be doing is tormenting nature and causing the world's land mass to grow." I replied.

"Team Altos also seems to be more fond of technology... Not land and basic myths like so." Ian then pointed out.

"So do you think this is another crime syndicate?" Jacob asked.

"It has to be." I finished.

"Well, we could ask Tate and Liza about this lake once we reach the cafe they said they would meet us at." Ian smiled, then thinking he would be able to destroy a new team.

We continued walking, me still drifting into thought, thinking about what this team could be. There were a few large crime syndicates located here, two completely different to each other who were always raising issues around Hoenn and so I had narrowed it down to one of them, as the other worked on there being more water than land mass in Hoenn.

Soon enough I had been developing a plan, looking at their previous battles and also trying to analyze the teams they might have. Most seemed to focus around the main dark, poison and ghost types that many crime syndicates used mainly, but they also appeared to focus around fire and ground types. This was definitely my war to win.

Soon enough we had reached a lovely little cafe and all seemed immensely serene, but it appeared that the only fact about that was because it was closed. From inside we saw the twins talking to the owner who had sat them at a table and then let us in and sat us at the same table.

Little did I know how this would be the last serene moment we would have for awhile in Mossdeep City.

The Real MythEdit

"Hello, Piper and friends." Tate smiled.

"Welcome to our city!" Liza replied whilst grinning.

"Thank you for letting us come here, and on such short notice as well." I thanked graciously.

"Now, onto the matter at hand..." they both sighed.

I turned my PokeLyze towards them showing a fairly large page filled with information about the myth of Holy Luna Lake and also another page with information pertaining to the crime syndicate we might be dealing with.

"As you know, it's been very dry and hot out recently. We fear that something may have happened to the Gorebyss at Holy Luna Lake. Do you think you could bring us there?" I asked.

"Yes, we could." Liza replied.

"If something happened to the Gorebyss then our entire weather system is gone." Tate finished.

"Our island would be in anarchy..." they both replied together.

"So, shall we go?" I smiled.

"Of course!" they replied as we all then stood and thanked the manager gratefully, then hurrying out of the door to get to this lake. I had been imagining it being somewhat reminiscent of the shape of one of the phases of the moon, and also how beautiful it would look there with the natural balance restored and at midnight. The moon would gleam off the waters and the Gorebyss would look simply stunning whilst sitting in the middle of the lake.

We walked down the street and Calypso wanted to stay out with me so I held her in my arms again, us walking together behind everyone else. I brought out my PokeLyze as she hopped onto my head and I looked over the tale once again.

Mossdeep City is a City known for it's accessibility to the psychic minds of Pokemon. Multiple different Pokemon in this area are shown to posses psychic abilities when the normally do not. One of the major examples of this is the Holy Luna Lake's Gorebyss. This Gorebyss although not being odd for having psychic abilities (as Gorebyss are capable of learning Psychic) she has shown an immense amount of weather control. Few ever visit this lake and it is rumored that only Tate and Liza know the location due to premonition. This Gorebyss's powers can be passed onto the next heir to the lake once the Gorebyss dies or decides to team up with a trainer. The only recorded Pokemon to hold this position is Gorebyss as this was a myth discovered fairly recently.

Calypso looked at the Gorebyss and nudged me; I could tell she wanted me to catch it and make it a new edition to my team. I think I would agree with her if the current situation wasn't in place, but I had to protect her. I would leave the decision up to the Gorebyss once this was all over.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and everyone ran directly back into their houses, nobody wanting to get injured in any ways, leaving the street completely bare except for my companions.

"That came from the Space Center!" Liza cried.

"But remember, we have someone handling that." Tate smiled.

We continued walking towards the outskirts of the city and eventually reached a path completely concealed by trees with dark green leaved trees and teal flowering trees. We walked down this path and from behind us a team of different grass-type Pokemon had formed a barricade, making it seem like there was no path here.

Tate and Liza giggled as they let us down this bath towards a crescent-moon shaped lake, there being an altar surrounded by flowers in the circle left in the grass by the cut out of the lake. Well, I guess I shouldn't refer to it as a lake, because it was completely dried up, being very deep and lined with blue crystals. Around the lake stood men and women in odd garbs resembling that of the crime syndicate I had assumed would be behind this; Team Magma.

The War of the Holy LakeEdit

"Team Magma!" I called now jumping in front of all of my travelling companions. "What you have done today is unforgivable! The torture of that Gorebyss and also drying up a sacred lake shall not be forgiven. You are now doomed to fall at my hand!"

"You and what army." they laughed as they called out multiple Mightyena and Golbat to attack.

"This one." I replied as Mimi, Calypso, Lulu and Shanty, my Starmie. Ian then called out Flamers and Sparky and Jacob summoned Ty. Liza and Tate also called out their Solrock and Lunatone to also attack.

Mimi used Iron Tail and Scald to attack multiple Pokemon causing them to faint after a few hits and burning, Calypso used Earth Power and caused multiple Mightyena and Golbat to fly back and faint, Lulu used Hydro Pump and wiped out an entire line of the wolf-like Mightyena and Shanty used Rapid Spin to strike most of them and cause them all to hit into each other. Flamers and Sparky unleashed a combination of Flamethrower and Thunderbolt and Ty used Hyper Beam to wipe out many of them.

The Mightyena and Golbat still fought back, using Dark Pulse and Air Cutter to unleash saws of air and black pulses of energy at us. Eventually after they all fought each other repeatedly Shanty, Lulu and Sparky had fainted but all the Team Magma Pokemon had as well, leaving one trainer who sat next to a tank that stored the Gorebyss which was being shocked by lightning and tortured as the sun had beat down even harsher on the area.

"Well, it appear you aren't all bark after all." she smirked cruelly as the Gorebyss appeared with an immense lack of energy and nearly lifeless. "Time to make sure you don't make it any further; Go Ninetales!" she cried unleashing the Fox Pokemon into the area.

"I will fight her." I smiled then standing in front of them with Calypso. Calypso used Power Gem and the Ninetales dodged it quite easily, the energy then striking the cage that concealed Gorebyss freeing it. The Gorebyss then quickly soared towards us, the Ninetales about to tackle it.

"Too bad that Gorebyss will die." Courtney smiled evilly. Calypso then jumped in front of the Gorebyss and used Scald which she then turned, causing the Ninetales to fly right towards us.

"Mimi, Aqua Tail." I smiled as her tail was coated by water as she then flipped in the air slamming the Ninetales with her tail causing it to faint as it fell towards the ground.

"Ugh! Weak Ninetales." Courtney complained returning the Pokemon. "Go, Mightyena! Thunder Fang!" she smirked as she called forth her Mightyena as it charged at Mimi. Mimi then replied to this by using Iron Tail, letting it chomp into the metal. Then using herself like a lightning rod, in turn causing herself to faint but causing severe damage once she struck the Mightyena.

The Mightyena could still get up but it charged for me instead. Calypso then unleashed Power Gem which threw the Mightyena far back slamming it into a tree causing it to faint.

"Again! Today just isn't my day..." she sighed then returning her Mightyena and turning and with her team running away. She obviously had another Pokemon, so I assumed with the combination of a failure so far and possibly a failure at the Space Station caused them to retreat.

With the help of some Revival Herbs I brought back my Milotic and she used Rain Dance, Gorebyss using Psychic to cause it to all land in the lake. I had some Fresh Waters as well, so I gave them to Gorebyss, hoping she would be better. There was nothing I hated more than a Pokemon being hurt due to human's foolish ideals and issues.

Soon enough the lake was refilled and Gorebyss felt much better, hoping into the lake again as her eyes lit blue. She used Psychic on the crystals below causing the lake to glow a brilliant blue and shine causing the surrounding light to become darker. With a combination of Rain Dance suddenly their was a coolness and rain pouring down onto the area. I quickly grabbed the umbrella from my bag and turned to my companions.

We began to walk away, but suddenly I felt something nudge my back. It was the Gorebyss of the lake. It appeared there was a Clamperl in the lake soon evolving into a Gorebyss to take over as this Gorebyss had decided she wanted to come with me.

"You want to come with me on this adventure?" I asked.

She smiled and there was a light chime as I then reached into my bag for a Love Ball. I tapped it on the body with it and it went into the ball and it then shook vigorously back and forth, then stopping with a light beep as the Gorebyss then was in my possession.

"Welcome to my team, Gorebyss." I smiled as I opened the ball. She shook her head. It was fairly obvious she wanted a nickname, and so I named her after the lake, naming her Luna.

"It seems like you've gotten a great companion there." Tate smiled.

"We wanted her to join us, but she will be really great to you." Liza congratulated.

"Awesome job getting your first Pokemon in Hoenn." Ian cheered.

Slateport's Guardian ArcEdit

The Quick TripEdit

"Well, it is a shame you got here so quickly and had to leave..." Tate and Liza sighed.

"Yes, but as you know Team Aqua has just attacked Slateport. Plus Altos is targeting the main land more right now, so we will have to resort to going there if we want our Training Codes back." I sighed as well.

"Our Kadabra will use Teleport to get you there, but once he has brought you there he will come right back, so there is no turning back when your there." Tate explained.

"That is fine... We need to stop them." Ian smiled, thinking that he would get the big fight next time.

"Thank you for your hospitality." Jacob bowed. We had then grabbed hold of the Kadabra in a large circle and all teleported onto the large beach which seemed fairly bare currently. There were towels, umbrellas and a beach cottage for refreshments but other than that there were no people. It was quite odd, much like it had been completely abandoned.

Soon enough the Kadabra left, us being the only people on the entirety of the beach, or so I thought. We stepped forward about to climb the stairs of the boardwalk into the Marketplace we were pulled by a person wearing a slightly modified garb of Team Aqua.

This young woman had her light brown hair tied into a braid over her right shoulder, secured by an aqua blue bead. She wore a generic Team Aqua bandanna and the black and white horizontal striped shirt, torn up to expose her midriff but hers was also strapless and heart-shaped. She wore tight blue jeans which had gone down to her knee, which were lined with patterns along the sides reminiscent of a Milotic's pattern. On her feet she wore black gladiator sandals which had gone up to her ankles. She had flushed cheeks and a puppy-like nose and mouth giving her the features of a cute animal.

"With your garb not matching the grunts of Team Aqua you must be one of their admins." Ian pointed out cracking his knuckles and reaching for Sparky's ball.

"No, I am not. I am a regular trainer just like you guys; I swear! I infiltrated their team for information and also to get back something they took from me." she explained. "Plus does this look like the team of a regular member?" she asked then displaying her team stored in Love Balls, much like mine, which consisted of a Lopunny, Bellossom, Alomomola and Gardevoir.

"She's a real trainer. It looks like we'll need her help for our next trek against the crime syndicates." I said.

Infiltrating Team Aqua!Edit

Team Aqua had been at the far side of Slateport, attempting to abduct a submarine.

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