Piper Black
Piper Black
Name: Piper Black
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Alto Mare
Region: Johto
Family: Grandparents, Parents (deceased)
Class: Trainer, Coordinator.
Friends: Not known.

Piper is the Top Student and Gym Leader at the Alto Mare Trainer School. Due to her position she rarely leaves this school and is sent into battle for competitions and also judges many beginner competitions. She will often adventure out into the Orange Archipelago or other locations in Johto to train or also catch many new and beautiful Pokemon. Her main focus of Pokemon is on beautiful and cute Pokemon that can also fight with amazing grace and lovely coordination which permits her to trump the other trainers in the Alto Mare Trainer School. She is said to have been capable of graduating to a staff member, but decided to continue her training and keeping her position as a Gym Leader for the Alto Mare school. She is renowned for her extracurricular Water-type Specialist sessions for both Gym Battles and Coordinating. Like the Alto Mare Trainer School she focuses on Water-types.



In RotationEdit

Piper often only keeps less than six Pokemon in her rotation but will often have all six when fighting a challenger. She may also have others on hand depending on the occasion and also is known for catching the majority of the Pokemon the Alto Mare Trainer School uses. 

Pokémon Information
Piper Corsola
Calypso was caught as a young, clumsy Corsola in the Orange Islands. Calypso had been rejected from the rest of her family and fellow Corsola because whenever she tried to protect them she accidentally would attack them or knock them all out instead. When she had been left behind Calypso had been very sad and angry, and so she decided to then start taking her anger out on all of the islanders. Eventually, Piper arrived and consoled the young Corsola, saying that if she had wanted she could join Piper on her adventures, in which Calypso accepted, knowing she would have a new family alongside Piper. She then was a key part in the Competitions that Piper entered in Alto Mare. Calypso is known to be capable of using Power Gem, Aqua Ring, Recover, Earth Power, Scald and Ice Beam.
Calypso the Corsola
Pokémon Information
Piper Luvdisc
Lulu was given to Piper from her grandmother as a twelth birthday gift. Lulu and Piper got very close, very fast and Piper used Lulu in multiple different competitions and Gym Battles. Lulu can be said to be one of Piper's best performers and also one of her fastest Pokemon. Lulu is known to be able to use Scald, Ice Beam, Agility, Aqua Ring and Hydro Pump.
Lulu the Luvdisc
Pokémon Information
Piper Milotic
Mimi was one of her first Pokemon. When her mother was alive this was her partner Pokemon who tended to Piper after her mother's death. Piper then went to the Trainer School at the young age of eight with this Pokemon and had exemplified an amazing capability with this Milotic, using moves and techniques her mother did. She had shown to be able to both be capable of using Coordinator-like moves but also being able to hold her own in multiple matches with this Milotic. Eventually they became partners and they adventured out together occasionally when school was out and caught countless more Pokemon, both for personal use and for use of the school. She used Mimi to fight the previous Gym Leader for the Alto Mare Trainer School and had been victorious, then gaining his position and the role of top student. Mimi is known to be able to use countless moves after being taught her different movesets in the Alto Mare Trainer School, but mainly Scald, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump and Rain Dance.
Mimi the Milotic
Pokémon Information
Piper Starmie
Piper caught this Starmie as a Staryu when she was adventuring in the Orange Islands on summer vacation. She caught this at age 12, making Shanty one of her oldest Pokemon which she has in her possession. Shanty was Piper's main Pokemon throughout the Orange Islands and together in this time had grown very close to one another, then stumbling one day upon a Water Stone, causing Shanty to evolve into a Starmie. Shanty is known to be only used for Gym Battles but not Competitions, as Shanty is slightly uncoordinated. Shanty is known to be capable of using Rapid Spin, Psychic, Power Gem, Scald and Ice Beam.
Shanty the Starmie

Usually in RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Piper Lumineon
Luxe was the first Pokemon that Piper caught herself by using her grandfather's Super Rod when they went fishing together just aways outside of Alto Mare. She had then raised this Lumineon in the Trainer School back in Alto Mare where they then became an amazing team and Luxe became one of the regulars in the team. Luxe is one of the Pokemon that Piper uses most in Coordinating. Luxe has an amazing skill in forming multi-attacks and combinging attacks so she can freeze over some of her moves or heat them up. Lux is known to be able to use Silver Wind, Scald, Rain Dance, Ice Beam and Agility.
Luxe the Lumineon
Pokémon Information
Piper Masquerain
Monet was the first Pokemon she found in one of her first adventures away from Alto Mare in the Johto region. Monet was a Surskit at the time and she was found injured on the shore where Piper had landed, and so Piper took in the Surskit and had treated her as if she was her own. Soon enough the young Surskit stumbled upon a Net Ball that was in Piper's possession and had been captured by her, them then becoming an official team. Piper then fought using Monet frequently, soon enough making her into a beautiful Masquerain. Once they returned the school had asked if they could take Monet, but Piper decided to keep Monet for herself and then used her to fight off the Gym Leader that represented the Alto Mare Trainer School, in which she was victorious. Monet is known to be able to use Silver Wind, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Shadow Ball and Scald.
Monet the Masquerain
Pokémon Information
Piper Swanna
Ann was a Swanna that lived in the Secret Garden, where Ann became a frequent playmate of Piper, where they would swing together and swim together and eventually, Swanna allowed Piper to enter her in a Beauty Competition, which she then placed first in. Sadly since Ann wasn't Piper's so they could win the competition and ended up disqualified. Ann felt so bad she let Piper catch her so they could win many more competitions together and fight alongside each other all the time. Ann is known to be able to use Scald, Brave Bird, Surf, Fly, Roost and Ice Beam.
Ann the Swanna

Kept at Trainer SchoolEdit

Pokémon Information
Piper Cloyster
Piper caught Indigo on her adventure in the Orange Islands. She had been walking and found it laying injured upon the shore. She then nursed it back to health and it then went alongside her as her Pokemon. Indigo is rarely used for fighting, but will occasionally be used in Gym Battles. Indigo is known to be able to use Aurora Beam and Spike Cannon.
Indigo the Cloyster.

Given to Trainer SchoolEdit

Pokémon Information
Piper Multiple Ducklett
Piper has caught multiple Ducklett for the school and had given them to the school. Trainers in the Alto Mare Trainer School are permitted to have use to these Ducklett whenever they are in classes if they do not have their own and also are allowed to use these if they are in tutor lessons with the older and more experienced student. These Ducklett are known to be able to use Water Gun, and the assortment of others know an assortment of different moves.
Multiple Ducklett
Pokémon Information
Piper Multiple Staryu
Piper caught countless Staryu to use for both members of the pool in her gym and also for the trainers of the Alto Mare Trainer School to use in different tutoring lessons, classes and also in coordinating classes. These Staryu are usually located in the Gym either in Poke balls or the pool. The Staryu are known to be able to use Bubble, and the assortment of other know an assortment of different moves (e.g. Rapid Spin).
Multiple Staryu
Pokémon Information
Piper Multiple Lotad
During her adventures Piper had stumbled upon a very large colony of Lotad and after Calypso accidentaly hit one they all tried to attack her, in which she then used multiple Poke balls to catch them all. She then gave them to the Alto Mare Trainer School and they gleefully accepted this gracious gift. The Lotad are known to be capable to use Water Gun and the assortment of others know an assortment of different moves (e.g. Energy Ball).
Multiple Lotad

At Alto Mare GymEdit

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