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Leiko is an admin of Team Altos and is said to be the strongest of the three, she is known as "The Shadow Blade of Altos", she is in control of the entire spy network and if Aldreac needs anyone silenced than she is the one sent.

("Shadow Blade" Leiko)
Name: Leiko
Japanese Name: "Shadow Blade" Leiko
Age: 26
Gender: female
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Hoenn
Family: Unknown, all deceased
Class: Altos Admin, Spy Mistress
Friends: Aldreac, Colress, Draekos, Her Pokemon.


She was the first admin of Altos that Aldreac met, 13 years ago when Aldreac was wandering the world for the first time he met Leiko in the shadowy alleys of a small city in Hoenn, not far from where he used to live. She was bloodied and bruised and surronded by the bodies of several thugs. He saw her as one of the biggest victims of war and strife and questioned what happened, the deceased thugs were part of an organization that destroyed her home, her family, everything. Aldreac recognized the insignia as the very people who eliminated his family and decided that eliminating that organization would be his first step, together they completely destroyed the organization. To this day Leiko trusts only Aldreac and to an extent, Colress and Draekos, and remains Aldreac's closest friend. She is also one of the founders of Team Altos, along with Aldreac, Colress,and Draekos.


Due to her past, Leiko has developed trust issues, in fact Aldreac, Colress, and Draekos are the only ones she truly trusts, and upon meeting another person immediatly develops a distrust for. She is a devout follower of Aldreac's goals and is cold and merciless against her enemies yet shows a complete opposite when around her friends. She has developed a bond with her pokemon as they have suffered in the past as well due to corruption, violence, or humans.


Leiko's battle style consists of weakining her enemy and using speed, accuracy, and evasion to defeat her opponents, along with power strikes and prefers to finish off her enemies quick, though if angered enough she will take her time and becomes more focused as well.

Pokémon Information
Regice is known to be able to use: Amnesia, Ancientpower, Superpower, Ice Beam, Zap Cannon, Hyper Beam, Hail, and Rock Slide
Pokémon Information
Aldreac's Crobat.png
As a Zubat this was Leikos first pokemon and found it when she was only 8, she found it abandoned by its former trainer and saw how it was abused, she took it in and trained it to what it is today. Crobat is known to be able to use: Cross Poison, Toxic, Air Slash, Hyper Beam, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Double Team, and X-Scissor.
Pokémon Information
Leiko found a Croagunk in a swamp where chemicals from a nearby plant were poisoning the water, she was investigating the swamp to try and stop this, she found Croagunk sickened from chemicals it ingested from the swamp water, she found a cure inside the plant, and when it felt better, croagunk helped her destroy the plant. Toxicroak is known to be able to use: Poison Jab, Drain Punch, Mud Bomb, Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Swords Dance, and Stone Edge.
Pokémon Information
Years ago when Leiko and Aldreac were traveling in a forest on a rainy night in Unova, they came across an abandoned mansion, they decided to stay there the night untill the rain subsided. While there they discovered they were not alone, as they came across a Litwick, yet it appeared to be sickened, all of a sudden a group of people revealed themselves, they claimed to have been experimenting to see what would happen if they drained the life force from a Litwick instead of the other way around, finding this cruel, they eliminated most of the men until the leader used his Glalie to freeze them, Litwick with its remaining strength melted the ice and drained the life out of the leader, Leiko captured it when it thanked them and it has been helpful ever since. Chandelure is known to be able to use: Inferno, Shadow Ball, Smog, Confuse Ray, Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Flamethrower, and Energy Ball.
Pokémon Information
Aldreac and Leiko were travelling in the Unova region and discovered that a family of pawniard but they were all dead, along with the burning landscape, only one survived and at first it attacked them thinking it was one of the humans who destroyed its home, they showed the insignia to it and Pawniard immediatly recognized it, and helped them destroy the branch of the organization that was in that area, seeing as nothing was left it now follows Leiko and aids her as best it can, hoping to redeem itself for failing its family. Bisharp is known to be able to use: Swords Dance, Night Slash, Iron Defense, Poison Jab, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Double Team, and Hyper Beam.
Pokémon Information
Aldreac and Leiko found this Hydreigon when it was injured while its sibling was destroying the entire area due to the rest of their family being destroyed by an unknown organization in Unova, while Aldreac calmed down the older Hydreigon, Leiko captured this one and Colress gave both treatment to help calm their minds, now the younger Hydreigon helps Leiko in all her goals. Hydreigon is known to be able to use: Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Crunch, Hyper Beam, Stone Edge, Flash Cannon and Surf.
Pokémon Information
Gallade is one of Leiko's most recent pokemon, when she was sent to conduct business with Shelly and Courtney, she found a Kirlia wandering around what seemed to be a grave, a closer look shows that Kirlia's former trainer lost his/her life recently, and was in grief, feeling sorry for it, Lekio offered Kirlia to come with her, and gain a new family in her other pokemon, Kirlia was reluctant at first but than remembered its trainers last words, and accepted. Gallade is known to be able to use: Teleport, Psycho Cut, Calm Mind, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Heal Pulse, Close Combat, Focus Blast, and Stone Edge.