Henry Patterson
(ヘンリー パターソン Henrī Patāson)
Name: Henry Patterson
Japanese Name: ヘンリー パターソン Henrī Patāson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hometown: Forina
Region: Hoenn
Family: Brother, Parents (Deceased)
Class: Trainer, Coordinator
Friends: Andrew (Rival), Pearl (Companion), charlie (Companion)
First Appearance: Poketales Adventures Special: Jirachi Returns

Henry is a Pokemon Trainer a Coordinator. After knowing his brother is alive, he sets on a journey to find him while he competes Contests and Battle Gym Leaders. He once befriended Jirachi, which appears on Poketales Adventures Special: Jirachi Returns . Though Jirachi said Henry is one and only owner of Jirachi itself before he goes back in deep slumber. His First Pokemon is Eevee, Henry's partner and one of his strongest Pokemon due to it's remarkable evolutions. Together with Pearl and Charlie, Henry will collect Gym Badges, beat Elite Members and Collect all National and Ordinary Contest Ribbons, Catch many Pokemons and Discover old and undiscovered Places.



In RotationEdit

Henry currently have 5 Pokemons from beginning of his journey up to now. This Henry uses all of these Pokemons to battle in Gyms. In Ordinary Contests, Henry uses them to compete in All known Categories on Normal and Hyper Contests (which he finished) and going to Hyper Contest. And on National Contest, he uses them all and now, he got 5 Contest Ribbon rapidly.

Pokémon Information
Henry's Eevee
Eevee was Henry's Official first Pokemon which he found as an egg when journeying. The egg originally placed in Team Altos's (the newest crime team, aside from Team Magma and Team Aqua) Hideout. Due to the winds, it rolls and rolls until the egg stopped in by the forest near Forina, where Henry was nearby. Henry found the egg and took care of it. Team Altos found out that the egg was gone, it is so important because inside of the egg contains Eevee, and the Inserted Water Stone, Thunderstone, Fire Stone, An exclusive Sun Shard and Moon Shard and been kept Beside a moss rock and ice rock. Henry, for the time, he made it to the nearby Day Care Egg, and found out it's power, surprisingly, it hatched and Eevee was born. It was holding the items that Team Altos said. Team Altos decided to abandon the Eevee project, which Henry owns Eevee. Eevee is known to be able to use Crunch, Last Resort, Echoed Voice. He can use his evolution's move by types
Pokémon Information
Henry's Kirlia
Kirlia is the Official Second Pokemon of Henry. Kirlia was a Ralts before, Henry met Ralts when Henry's Eevee was captured by ex members of Team Leaf, due he only have one Pokemon, Ralts made his choice to help him find Eevee. When Eevee was found and ex-members of Team Caelum defeated, Ralts can't stop following Henry, so he decided to welcome Ralts in the team, Ralts agreed. Later on, Ralts evolve to Kirlia when Henry joined him in a contest, on the Final battle with Andrew, (Henry's overall rival) Ralts is going to be defeated but then Henry encourage him and evolved. Kirlia is known to be able to use Physic, Physhock, Hypnosis, Dream Eater and Zen Headbutt.
Ralts --> Kirlia
Pokémon Information
Henry's Salamence
Henry decided to get a Flying type Pokemon as Flannery advised to. Henry went southwest the Fallabour and found a Cave called Meteor Falls, he went to the 2nd floor and found a Bagon. Bagon was quite hungry, so Henry decided to give it food. Bagon likes it and bonded their friendship. Later on outside, Bagon saw some Swablu adn Altaria that made him jealous. Henry, on the other hand, fund out Bagon's last evolution is a flying type, he wanted Bagon to join his group in return, Henry will train him to become his final evolution, Salamence. Hours passed, it evolve unto Shelgon. So many hours passed at route 114, almost all Pokemons fainted without mercy XD, Shelgon finally become Salamence. Salamence is known to be able to use Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fly, Zen Headbutt and Element Fangs.
Pokémon Information
Henry's Feebas
When Henry is running to Fortree City, due he was attack some Pokemons last time in Route 114 until he was caught and headbutt unto the nearby river and fainted. When he wakes up, he found himself on the side of the river and saw Feebas. Feebas was happy to see Henry was alive. He later found out that he also needs water pokemon so he can across and surf in the water. He asked Feebas to join the group and Feebas happily said yes. Feebas is known to be able to use Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Ice Beam and Blizzard.

Befriended PokemonsEdit

These Pokemons Henry befriended instead of capturing.

Legendary PokemonEdit

Pokémon Information
Henry Befriended Jirachi
When Henry is about to leave Forina, he accidentally fall under Millennium Cave, which he found the pre-stage of Jirachi. When he Millennium Festival is held, Jirachi and Henry's friendship become more bonder and become dangerous too. Someone wants to power of Jirachi to awaken Rayquasa. After the phenomenon ends, on the night of 7th day after Jirachi awakens, without Henry knowing it, Jirachi will go back in Millennium Cave and rest there until another 1,000 year. Henry cries and pleased Jirachi to stay but it failed but Jirachi spoke the last thing to Henry: "I'll be always at your side no matter what. Enjoy your journey to find your brother, Henry... my one and only owner." Jirachi is known to be able to use Refresh, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Wish and Doom Desire

Common PokemonEdit

Pokémon Information
Andrew's Porygon
Henry first met Porygon in the sea cottage (which he rented) moving around until he bumped Henry, instead of being angry, he quickly noticed be have 0 shaped on his head. (0 shaped means your not just poisoned or critical attacked, all of the bad status effects will be yours) Henry quickly went to the Pokemon Center and healed Porygon. Porygon was quite happy. Henry asked if Porygon wants to join the team and Porygon nodded. Henry threw pokeball but nothing happened, until Porygon's owner, Andrew found Porygon which Henry realize that Andrew is the one who rented the sea cottage before him. Andrew and Henry beacome friends at first... and become rivals after the quarrel. Porygon is known to be able to use Psybeam, Discharge, Signal Beam and Tri Attack, Zap Cannon
Andrew's Porygon


These are Achievements that Henry receive in Gym Battles and Pokemon Contests.

Gym BadgesEdit

These are the Gym Badges Henry recieve from the Gym Leader from each City or Town.

  • Stone Badge
  • Knuckle Badge
  • Dynamo Badge
  • Heat Badge


These are the badges Henry obtain in Hoenn

  • Stone Badge from Rustboro City
  • Knuckle Badge from Dewford Town
  • Dynamo Badge from Mauville City
  • Heat Badge from Lavaridge  Town

Contest RibbonsEdit

These are Contest Ribbons Henry recieve when he participates Pokemon Contests.


These are the National  Ribbons Henry obtain in Hoenn

Rustboro Ribbon

Rustboro Ribbon

National Pokemon ContestEdit

Rustboro City Ribbon
Slateport City Slateport City Ribbon
Fallarbor Town Ribbon
Rubello Town Ribbon
Verdanturf Town Ribbon

Ordinary Pokemon ContestsEdit

  • Smart Ribbon
  • Cute Ribbon
  • Tough Ribbon
  • Cool Ribbon
  • Beauty Ribbon
Normal RibbonsEdit
Smart Ribbon
Cute Ribbon
Tough Ribbon
Cool Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon
Super RibbonsEdit
  • Super Smart Ribbon
  • Super Cute Ribbon
  • Super Tough Ribbon
  • Super Cool Ribbon
  • Super Beauty Ribbon
Super Smart Ribbon 
Super Cute Ribbon
Super Tough Ribbon
Super Cool Ribbon
Super Beauty Ribbon
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