(フローラ Furōra)
Name: Flora
Japanese Name: フローラ Furōra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hometown: Verona Settlement
Region: Lohre
Family: Grandmother.
Class: Trainer.
Friends: Marina, Hazel, Natalia.

Flora is one of the strongest trainers in the entirety of the Lohre region. She is known to be one of the deadly members of the Four of Enchanted Kin. As a young child she was separated from her family for six months and grew up in a forest for this time. She became very close to the Pokémon of this forest and had made been found by her family soon enough. They moved into a village which was secluded from the rest of the world by thick trees and had only one point of contact which was through surfing over a large river. Flora then spent the rest of her time growing up with the Four of Enchanted Kin in this village as it had grown to have twelve townspeople in total. They have made their own league in which they can be challenged and Flora is one of the strongest members.


In RotationEdit

These are the Pokémon that Flora uses for all of her main battles and also for when fighting in official battles. These are seen as her strongest Pokémon and also her best raised. She has been known for raising them all from eggs and helping them become some of the strongest in the entirety of Lohre with her abilities of knowing about STABs and EV Training.

Pokémon Information
Flora Sceptile
Sceptile was Flora's first Pokémon, raised from an egg she received as a beginner trainer. Flora has treated Leaff as her partner since the day he hatched and they have worked together to explore the Lohre region and become one of the strongest Grass-type duo's around.

Leaff had been a deadly Treecko and as it had grown it had gotten much stronger and so Flora used it to challenge Gym's and also enter Competitions to try and get stronger. They have come first place in multiple competitions and Leaff has become seen as the face of Spring.

Leaff's known moves are Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade, Dragon Pulse and Solar Beam. It's ability is Overgrow and it is known to hold a Miracle Seed.
Treecko → Grovyle → Sceptile
Pokémon Information
Flora Wormadam
Flora had found a Burmy egg abandoned in the Verona Forest one day as she was walking with Marina, and in a suit of luck and speed, Flora had gotten to it first. She then stayed with Leaff and Marina out in the forest until it hatched. It turned out to be a female Burmy, and due to the fact it could evolve into a Grass-type, Flora kept it. She nicknamed it Juliet.

Flora had remained in Verona Forest until Juliet had evolved, which it did in a fight with an Onix. It defeat the Onix with it's new move, Seed Bomb. Juliet had then evolved into a beautiful Plant Cloak Wormadam which became much more graceful and utilized much more beautiful moves.

Juliet's known moves are Seed Bomb, Leaf Storm, Psychic, Protect, Growth and Captivate. It's ability is Overcoat and it is known to hold Leftovers.
Burmy → Wormadam
Pokémon Information
From an egg which landed upon the shore of Verona Settlement, Neptune hatched whilst Flora had walked down the beach.
Horsea → Seadra → Kingdra
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