Colress is an admin of Team Altos, and is also the leader of the R&D department of Team Altos. He is the advisor of Aldreac, he is also as skilled in battling as he is in science.

(Head Scientist Colress)
Name: Colress
Japanese Name: Head Scientist Colress
Age: 29
Gender: male
Hometown: Unkown
Region: Hoenn, Unova(home region)
Family: Unknown
Class: Trainer, Scientist, Admin of Team Altos
Friends: Team Altos, Aldreac, Draekos, Leiko


Colress met Aldreac when he was wandering the Hoenn region in search of new discoveries in the world of pokemon and science. Both of them met at the Weather Institute, although unknown why Aldreac was there, he offered Colress a position in his new organization and would provide all the funding he needs to carry out his research. Seeing this as a grand oppurtunity, Colress glady accepted and became fast friends with Aldreac and the other admins of Team Altos, his research has so far yielded a nigh 100% success rate, with a project involving a certain Eevee being the only failure. He sees Aldreacs goals as something ideal, however if it is obtainable than it proves the human spirit can conquer all, which is one of Colress's experiments to see if it will all work out. He also has performed experiments on willing test subjects such as Draekos, improving physical capabilities to hopefully match those of pokemon. Along with Draekos, Aldreac, and Leiko, he is one of the founders of Team Altos.


At first Colress was a reserved individual, and did not care much about those who could not be of use or help to him or his research. At first he only joined Team Altos to further his research, however recently he has begun to see the truth in Team Altos's and Aldreac's goals and works tirelessly to aid his friends and their goals. He has become much more social since joining Team Altos however retains his reserved and cold personality against his enemies, yet will show interest if they surprise him. He has developed a partnership with his pokemon instead of using them as tools and will usually buy time to let his subordinates or allies escape.


Colress uses a variety of pokemon consisting mainly of steel, psychic, electric, or dark pokemon.

Pokémon Information
Registeel was given to Colress by Aldreac when they captured the Regi Trio of Hoenn. Colress' scientific research has found ways to improve Registeel's performence in battle and defense. Registeel is known to be able to use: Iron Defense, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Hyper Beam, Metal Claw, Super Power, Ancientpower, and Thunderbolt.
Pokémon Information
As an Aron, Colress found it while researching the caves of Hoenn, its family was attacked and disappeared when attacked by a mysterious syndicate. He decided to take it along with him and later evolved into Lairon, and later into an Aggron, whose abilities have been enhanced through several experiments. Aggron is known to be able to use: Iron Defense, Earthquake, Metal Burst, Automize, Dragon Claw, Heavy Slam, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge, and Giga Impact.
Pokémon Information
Aldreac's Magnezone
When Colress was working at one of the power plants in Kanto, there was a swarm of Magneton feeding off the energy, along with several shadowy figures. Later when defeated, they left behind a Magnemite for "being too weak", Colress saw that it had a rare deficiency in electric energy, and through experiments aided it and later captured it to aid in further research. Magnezone is known to be able to use: Lock on, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam, Electro Ball, Zap Cannon, Magnet Rise,Thunder, Flash Cannon, and Light Screen.
Pokémon Information
Aldreac's Metagross
Years ago when Steven Stone met Aldreac, he gave him a Beldum to take care of, Aldreac later gave it to Colress in exchange of heightening its power and finding a way to do so to all steel pokemon in Team Altos. It later evolved and its psychic abilities are above most other psychcic pokemon and is Colress' main pokemon. Metagross is known to be able to use: Psychic, Calm Mind, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Sludge Bomb, Meteor Smash, Shadow Ball, Teleport, and Iron Defense.
Pokémon Information
430 honchkrow
As a Murkrow, it was caught attempting to steal some of Colress' equipment while he was studying the nearby forest for rumors of a spirit. He later captured it after it found out the spirit and narrowly stopped the ghost pokemon from attacking Colress. Honchkrow is known to be able to use: Night Slash, Foul Play, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Giga Impact, and Brave Bird.
Pokémon Information
While studying some ruins near Solaceon Town in Sinnoh, Colress heard of an evil spirit that terrorized the depths underneath the town. He went to investigate it, thinking it was a geological disturbance but later discovered the rumors were true, and the Spiritomb attempted to chase him away. After a harsh battle, he finally defeated and captured it, wanting to study such a unique pokemon. Spiritomb is known to be able to use: Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind and Icy wind.
Pokémon Information
Whilst travelling the desert in Hoenn, Colress happened upon an injured Vibrava. The collapse of a the sand tower nearby injured it and broke one of Vibrava's wings. Colress later gave it a prostethic wing, that was created in part by metallurgy, and use of Vibrava's DNA so it could adapt better to it. He later captured it and Flygon is also used as his main form of transportation. Flygon is known to be able to use: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragonbreath, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Iron Tail, and Hyper Beam
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