Name: Black☆Star
Japanese Name: ブラック☆スター
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Star Town
Region: Johto
Family: Mother(Deceased)
Class: Trainer
Friends: Eds

Black☆Star better known as star is a Pokemon trainer who goes around and completes challenges. Star set out of his home town Star Town to explore the life of a Trainer and go out and catch pokemon. Star has a close relationship with his Pokemon Blastoise cause he known him all his life and his strongest pokemon. Star relies on Water, Electric, and Physic type Pokemon cause his mother preferred those and takes a liken to those types.



Star has many Pokemon he keeps in his town when he wants to swap back and forth but keeps his main trump card most of the time and he has never switched out his Blastoise ever.

Pokémon Information
Blastoise was Star's first Pokemon and his favorite he always starts his battle with Blastoise and is always relied on Blastoise who has never failed on him. Blastoise is a Water type Pokemon who is able to learn multiple moves.
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