Andrew Spruce
(アンドルー スプルース/唐檜 Andorū Supurūsu/Touhi)
Name: Andrew Spruce
Japanese Name: アンドルー スプルース/唐檜 Andorū Supurūsu/Touhi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hometown:  ???
Region: Hoenn
Family: Prof. Spruce (Grandpa)
Class: Coordinator, Trainer
Friends: Henry (Rival), Pearl, Charlie
First Appearance: Poketales Adventures Special: Jirachi Returns

Andrew is a Pokemon Trainer and a Coordinator. At the age of 13 he started to set a journey to prove he is a strong trainer as said to Professor Spruce. Now he finished battling Gym Leaders and Ready for Elite Members and running up in Contest Ribbons, specially he has only one National Ribbon Only. Before he set journey he already have his first Pokemon, Porygon (who is Porygon-Z now) now he has 3 pokemons on his party and continuing his journey to become a strong trainer, and to beat Henry too. 



In RotationEdit

Andrew Currently have 4 Pokemons from the beginning until now. He uses all these Pokemons for Gym Battles. In National Contests, he uses them all but only won 1 Ribbon due Henry always wins :P. In Ordinary Contest, he still uses them all in Cute, Beauty and Tough Category on Normal and Super Contests which he finished. Now, he aims for Hyper Contest. 

Pokémon Information
Andrew's Porygon-Z
Porygon is the first partner and pokemon of Andrew, before he sets on a journey. Andrew found Porygon lost in the Powerplant, which Andrew founds Porygon and kept him. Starting that day, Porygon is Andrew's official pokemon. Later on the journey, Andrew met a Cacturne and attacked Porygon with 0 move. Andrew later when to sea cottage and let Porygon Stays wich he forgot after leaving, but Henry found Porygon. Henry and Andrew rivalry starts here. Later on, Andrew got a call from Prof. Spruce and gave him 2 evolution items as a congratulation gift from winning contest ribbon and gym badges. This items evolved Porygon unto Porygon2 and rapidly unto Porygon-Z. Porygon-Z is known to be able to use Conversion, Conversion2, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam and Zap Cannon.
Porygon--> Porygon2--> Porygon-Z
Pokémon Information
Andrew's Skitty
Skitty is the second pokemon of Andrew, he found her annoying Porygon-Z and ends up being almost defeated; Skitty uses Hyper Beam that made Porygon-Z defeated instead. This makes Andrew interested to him so he captures Skitty and fails, he chase Skitty and battle him with Refreshed Porygon-Z and captured but fails again and finally, when Skitty was attack by some mysterious team, Team Altos, Andrew protected Skitty and finnaly, Skitty agreed to join to his team. Skitty is known to be able to use Assist, Copycat, Sing, Hyper Beam and Echoed Voice.
Pokémon Information
Andrew's Vibrava
Andrew once met Trapinch in Route 111 in the dessert. Andrew denies it and went up unto Mirage Tower, which he founds uninteresting, and then saw Trapinch again and want to battle. Skitty and Trapinch fought and ends being draw. Trapinch wants to be in Andrew's team and he argeed, after he founds out it's last evolution is a Flygon. Later on it evolves unto Vibrava, when they where battling Henry with his Ralts, which Henry's Ralts evolve too unto Kirlia. Vibrava is known to be able to use Bulldoze, Rock Slide, DragonBreath, Earth Power and Hyper Beam.
Trapinch --> Vibrava
Pokémon Information
Andrew's Castform-EX
Castfom-EX is known to be able to use ALL ELEMENTAL MOVES.

Befriended PokemonsEdit

These Pokemons Andrew befriended instead of capturing.

Common PokemonEdit

Pokémon Information
Andrew befriended Azurill
Andrew met Azurill when Azurill was being bullied by some Maril bacause Azurill can't learn Water Attacks. When the Marils gonna blow up Azurill, Adrew quickly bring out Vibrava and use gust to blow away some Marils. Azurill is not yet contented, so Andrew promised that he will help Azurill to learn water attacks, even Hydro Pump if possible. When some Marils came again to bully her, Azurill opened her heart and used several water attacks, even if it's not effective, but threw a final blow of Hydro Pump. Andrew wants Azurill to join his team but Azurill refuses. Andrew nodded and went on to his journey. Azurill is known to be able to use Bubblebeam, Watergun, Slam, Bounce and Hydro Pump


These are  Achievements that Andrew receive in Gym Battles and Pokemon Contests.

Gym BadgesEdit

These are the Gym Badges Andrew recieve from the Gym Leader from each City or Town.


  • Stone Badge
  • Knuckle Badge
  • Dynamo Badge
  • Heat Badge
  • Balance Badge
  • Feather Badge
  • Mind Badge
  • Rain Badge
  • Stone Badge from Rustboro City
  • Knuckle Badge from Dewford Town
  • Dynamo Badge from Mauville City
  • Heat Badge from Lavaridge Town
  • Balance Badge from Petalburg Town
  • Feather Badge from Fortree City
  • Mind Badge from Mosdeep City
  • Rain Badge from Sootopolis City

Contest RibbonsEdit

These are Contest Ribbons Andrew recieve when he participates Pokemon Contests.


National Pokemon ContestEdit

Lilicove City Ribbon

Ordinary Pokemon ContestsEdit

Normal RibbonsEdit
  • Cute Ribbon
  • Beautiful Ribbon
  • Tough Ribbon
Cute Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon
Tough Ribbon 
Super RibbonsEdit
  • Super Cute Ribbon
  • Super Beauty Ribbon
  • Super Tough Ribbon
Super Cute Ribbon
Super Beauty Ribbon
Super Tough Ribbon

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